The IT Skeptic welcomes the ITIL Wizard to the blog

The IT Skeptic is proud to announce an exciting new facility on the blog: the ITIL Wizard!! After long negotiation, we have finally persuaded one of the industry's leading ITIL experts to write a column for us answering readers' hardest questions about ITIL.

Obviously the standard of advice available on the Web is pretty good, but looking around the forums and discussion groups we felt we could do a little better. So now at last we can announce The ITIL Wizard, the best ITIL advice available on the Web.

The Wiz's latest answers are shown in a block on the right-hand side of this page, or you can see all the Wizard's answers here - all the Wizard Wisdom collated in one place for you as a rich resource of ITIL insight.

The ITIL Wizard prefers to remain anonymous because, as a recognised industry-leading expert on ITIL, he has more work than he can handle already. This column is just his way of giving back to the industry that rewards him so well.


Wierd Wizzard

Well Skep,

I do not exactly know what your idea is with you new wizzard because having seen some of his (or her) answers I sincerly got the idea that this person is only active in ITIL for a about a week or two. Or I'm mistaking and is the idea of the wizard just ironic?

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