Is Knowledge Management a hole in COBIT?

I'm always banging on about how COBIT is a superset of ITIL. So where does ITIL Knowledge Management fit in COBIT? I don't think of it as Configuration Management even if some of the documents are CIs: KM is a much higher discipline than that. Is this one aspect of ITIL that COBIT doesn't address?

The original COBIT/ITILV3 mapping paper makes a pretty tenuous (even lame) set of links

ST 4.7 Knowledge management maps to:
PO2.1 Enterprise information architecture model
PO2.4 Integrity management
AI4.2 Knowledge transfer to business management
AI4.3 Knowledge transfer to end users
AI4.4 Knowledge transfer to operations and support staff

This suggests that a pastiche of COBIT control objectives goes some way to covering it, but I don't see "knowledge transfer" as the same thing as "Knowledge Management" by any means.

The more recent Aligning COBIT® 4.1, ITIL® V3 and ISO/IEC 27002 for Business Benefit makes the same "knowledge transfer" links (p79)


You may work this way. For

You may work this way. For KM goal as defined in Service Transition the most appropriate business goal I found it in COBIT is number 9, "Obtain reliable and useful information for strategic decision making.". This maps to a lot of IT Goals 2 4 12 20 26 but 4 20 and 26 looks like more related to integrity and reliability of the information.

Because it trigers a lot of processes you might consider to group some of the similar activities under only one additional process - you might argue that.

Keep in mind that SKMS is at the "best practice" stage - a concept which must prove that it is working in practice.

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