Imagine using the internet as knowledge

What a dumb idea; directing user search to internet videos to solve IT technical problems.

Is ITIL KEDB so important or should we always look broader?

A discussion on LinkedIn prompted me to comment that KEDB is a subset of knowledge management for service desk. I think it is important to take a broader view and provide access to more general information about solutions to incidents and resolutions to requests, not just workarounds to known errors. I've seen folk micro-design that one bit without considering a more generally useful system. I never quite understood why ITIL seems fixated on KEDB, giving it a disproportionate amount of attention vis-a-vis the more general support knowledgebase. Thoughts?

Is Knowledge Management a hole in COBIT?

I'm always banging on about how COBIT is a superset of ITIL. So where does ITIL Knowledge Management fit in COBIT? I don't think of it as Configuration Management even if some of the documents are CIs: KM is a much higher discipline than that. Is this one aspect of ITIL that COBIT doesn't address?

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