Fast track to ITIL V3 Expert

Further to our discussion around the real cost of ITIL certification, readers are reminded that there still exists a fast track to Expert status that is quicker and cheaper. It still isn't that quick or cheap, but it is better than the primary path. And it won't be around for long. The ITIL Qualifications Board's latest survey shows them bunching muscles, gathering themselves for the final spring, to kill off ITIL V2 certification once and for all. (For pity's sake, have your say to try and make that as hard as possible for them). In the meantime there is another way

Many of you will have your ITIL V2 Foundation or even V2 Manager's certificate. If you do have Foundation or Manager's, the fast path to Expert status is via the ITIL V2 to V3 Manager's Bridge course (e.g. this excellent one from ITIL Training Zone). Even including the cost of V2 Manager's ticket this is still a cheaper path than starting from the bottom with V3 Foundation, and if you are already a V2 Manager it is a no-brainer. BUT HURRY! before they cut you off at the pass, so to speak.


Indeed Itil V2 Foundation +

Indeed Itil V2 Foundation + V2 Service Manager + Manager bridge will do the trick. They even have opened a new "workaround" via the 4 V2 practitioners.

The 4 practitioners is a longer way but for those who prefect QCM exams a more sure (and faster because of he correction tmes f V2 Servcve Manager) way than the Service Manager

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