Its official, this is Version 3 of ITIL

Do you realise that the moniker "V3" is finally official? For years OGC and TSO refused to label it V3. There is nothing on the front of the ITIL books (or inside them!) to tell you which is V3 or V2 (or V1). It must be hopelessly confusing to anyone new to it. But now that has all changed...

Colin Rudd has recently revised the book Planning to Implement Service Management to align it with V3 (and it looks like rather a good book - review soon after I finish reading it). The title printed on the front cover says "ITIL® V3 Planning to Implement Service Management" so at last it is official! It must be official - it has a big round important-looking logo on the front to say it is. So far as I know this is the only book in the whole official stable to have a "V3" on the cover.


A great book, too!

I think it was because, unlike other V3 books, it has the same title as the V2 book.

It is excellent - see my review (30 Nov) on ITSM Portal website.


Other official V3 books

You could be right Geoff. The "ITIL V3 Guide to Software Asset Management" is also official and there was also a V2 version of this book.

But what about "ITIL V3 Small Scale Implementation". It got the OGC logo on the cover and is published by the official ITIL publisher TSO. I guess this publication is the first with a V3 stamp.

You also got the "ITIL V3 Foundation Handbook", which doesn't have any OGC or APMG logos, but still is published by TSO.


not the first

Darn you're right. it's not the first! Thank-you Michael. Somehow "ITIL V3 Guide to Software Asset Management" hasn't really grabbed my attention, but I should have remembered "ITIL V3 Small Scale Implementation" since I already own it. And before anyone else writes in, there is a series of "ITIL V3 Intermediate Capability Handbooks".

Sorry folks, clearly no fact checking preceded this post.

Still nice to see "V3" carved in stone anyway.

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