sample Business Service Catalogues are generally hideous

Why are so many sample Business Service Catalogues so hideously boring? - dull and analytical. They should be written by marketing people: they should be brochures. Bright and colourful, creating a positive impression, selling the benefits.


Huh, because they're demos?

Huh, they are demonstrating the features of the software?
Buyers of service catalog are IT, not the rest of the business that will actually be using it.
It's in inside-out point of view.
They would seem to well understand their economic buyer's perception of needs.

In comparison:
External customer-facing CRM systems and call centers obsessively measure customer satisfaction - often for each transaction.

An interesting question for your readership is to do a survey of how many ITIL-based, internal service desks measure customer satisfaction? And, of those, how many measure it for each transaction?

This is one of those good management, Hawthorne effect questions - will just measuring customer satisfaction improve employee performance related to customer satisfaction?

The Service Catalog Myth

Hhhmm... I penned a blog on this a while ago - entitled "Dead Animals, Pizza and Five ‘Service Catalog’ Myths"

'Business Service Catalogs' are a misnomer. It is the choice of every service provider as to whether they market their products and services through a catalog. You do not need to. Typically, if you look around you and at the outside, may I say real world, we are surrounded by folks shouting their product capabilities at is through various 'service delivery/marketing channels'. Just take a look at your online banking system - where many of us pay bills and manage our check-book.

These banking sites, pizza ordering sites, and as I penned, even local government, offer a service portal. The portal may contain a catalog, but likely focuses more on individual requests - such as 'remove dead animal', or 'cancel my check'. Rather than a service catalog, start with a service REQUEST catalog and the design of a portal than can be accessed easily from a mobile device - such as a phone or even a tablet.

If you are building a service catalog and designing a website - be very, very careful in making sure you carry forward your own experiences interacting with websites as part of your own daily life activities....

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