The IT Skeptic is awarded the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010 for IT consultant and analyst

ImageSpeaking of popping bubbles and of being in the clouds, break out the champagne. I've just heard the news that this blog won the popular vote for best "IT consultant and analyst" blog in the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2010. I want to extend my many thanks to everyone who voted for this website, and to ComputerWeekly for running the awards. I'm sorry I wasn't there to receive the award in person - 12,000 miles was just a bit far. I'd love to have made it to the party. Congratulations to all the other recipients.



Hi Rob,

Congratulations on the award. Your site has always been a refreshing dose of pragmatic thinking that challenges mass thinking with common sense questions. I'm happy to see it pay off for you.

My Best,

Frank Guerino

The International Foundation for Information Technology (IF4IT)
Open IT Standards & Best Practices

Well Done!

That's great news Rob -- well done

Not just Rob

Great though I think Rob's contribution to" ITSM think" is, I believe everyone who has contributed to this site over the last year should take a bow as well. You have all added value to the success of the site


Good point James. I never give enough thanks for all the great comments on this site - thanks for reminding us all

and THANK-YOU every contributor


Well done - and very much deserved.

Alex Jones

Thanks to the Skeptic

Haven't been able to participate in the fray over here, but I remain an avid fan of the Skeptic. God knows, we need to watch what we read these days.

Keep going Skep!

John M. Worthington
MyServiceMonitor, LLC


Well done

Well Done!

Congrats Rob,

Your thinking is always an interesting read.

Well Done on the Award.

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