Basic Service Management

BSM cover
Rob England's latest book is titled Basic Service Management

Not ITSM, just SM. Everything you need, in 50 pages.

Out now!

(we dropped the Copper Service idea - too distracting/confusing. We had a discussion on naming it - please make name-related comments there).


Basic Service Management

What is about government sector ? Are they providing us with services ?

in some countries

yes in some countries the government provides service :) In NZ they even try to improve, unlike say the USA's IRS which I have had the misfortune to engage with a couple of times. Having to do so every year is a likely explanation for the USA's affection for guns.

Governments and service management

Indeed, and some governments took ITSM so seriously they came up with an entire framework for it and made it publicly available ;-)

How can I help via USMBOK Initiative?


Congrats on the new book. Let me know how I can help get the word, resell, and connect someone with like thinking about (universal) service management concepts to my USMBOK efforts...


What is my point

"This book is about how to run services, in any organisation, in any industry."
"Whether you are in any industry: manufacturing, trades, retail, IT, not-for-profit…"
The Question is:" ..." <- government sector included ?
Are you feel you're ready to write a book, which explains how to run public services from goverment's point of view ?
E.G. in Russia goverment decided to open Service portal in order to provide some public services over Internet.
So, market niche is ready - USA IRS, Russian Govt,NZ Govt ...

services provided to the public

"whether you are a small business or a government department" you bet. I'm seeing multiple activity within government here focusing on services provided to the public. Service is service - the book attempts to be completely generic

An oldie but a goodie

"Reinventing Government" I can't remember the authors despite going to a briefing with one of them but their ideas inspired Clinton's approach, and, oddly, Thatcher's.


OK, that is three times you used the term "core", are you sure you don't want to borrow Core ITSM as a title? I can't help feeling there is a big difference in meaning between basic and core.


Core as in Cor Blimey

John M. Clark

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