Working in IT

book In this book you will find ideas and inspiration to think about your own career and the careers of those who work for you, and to make a difference in both.

I am best known as the IT Skeptic, but in a past life I spent a lot of time developing and delivering professional development training for software consultants. I conceived, designed, developed and delivered training to over 80 staff. Feedback from attendees and their managers was generally positive and the program was judged a success. For some people it was life-changing. I am passionate about IT professionalism, IT career development, work-life balance, and saving geeks from themselves - and it is all in this book.

Of the several books I have written now, this one is my favourite.

Just finished reading 'Working in IT' and loved it! Really helped to clear some of my own discordant thoughts on the topic.

Michael Malcangio

I have been following your work for a year now and really enjoy it. I have bought two of your books, real itsm and working in IT. The second really fills a niche. I spent 6 months with a top carrer consutancy as part of an IT redundancy package. I struggled to find any one who could give me IT career advice. This book does it and has helped motivate me.

Robert Boulter

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  • Introduction
  • Technical careers
    • What matters
    • What is important
    • Where do you rank on the dung-heap?
    • The commoditisation of the technical profession
    • How secure is your IT technical career?
    • Securing your IT career
    • Who Pays For On-the-Job Training?
    • The 7 Top Reasons Why You Can’t Quit Your Job
    • How I Downshifted
    • “Internet I gave you all the best years of my life…”
  • Professionalism
    • A third of the population is incompetent
    • We give anyone a go in IT
    • The success of mediocrity in IT
    • The rise of IT professionalism
    • Information engineering
  • Personal development
    • What shape are you?
    • So you want to be a consultant
    • Profiling
    • Management Management
  • Managing Technical People
    • Managing what you can’t measure
    • Coping with Geeks
    • Seven Steps for Managing Geeks
    • Inside the geek
    • Species of geek
    • The Geeks Will Have to Get it
    • You have the pager for Christmas
    • An innovative approach to corporate training

The content comes from a number of articles I have published on sites such as IT Career Planet and Datamation, as well as on my websites and and my personal, and a little bit from, all edited and improved.

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