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These are some of the books I consider REALLY important for me on the topic of managing IT

Why IT books need to be different

You know, I've read more IT books than most of the human race has, at least fifty. And most of them don't work for me for two reasons: they're too complete and too correct.

A Brief Review of Creating and Driving Service Excellence

Creating and Driving Service Excellence looks like a handy tool for selling ITSM to the bosses.

The book Owning ITIL is now available on Kindle

Owning ITIL®This book is essential reading for all decision makers (IT-literate or not) who are presented with an ITIL® proposal or who are asked to oversee an ITIL project, or who find something called “ITIL” or “Service Management” in their budget. It tells you what the ITIL industry won’t. For everyone else involved in ITIL projects, this book is just as essential to help you through the ITIL minefield.

Now available on Kindle.

Basic Service Management

BSM cover
Rob England's latest book is titled Basic Service Management

Not ITSM, just SM. Everything you need, in 50 pages.

Out now!

Owning ITIL now available on,, etc

The IT Skeptic's book Owning ITIL® is now available on the "other" Amazon sites such as It has been available for some time on Essential reading for everyone planning, proposing, owning or approving Service Management projects!

Books by the IT Skeptic

Rob England is the IT Skeptic. Under the pseudonym of the IT Skeptic he has published the following books:

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