OGC re-forms to create DevOps body of knowledge

The Efficiency and Reform Group of the UK Cabinet Office are about to announce that the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) will be resurrected immediately in order to develop a British standard DevOps.

Apparently in frustration at the fragmentation of the DevOps community and the interminable wait for The DevOps handbook - now expected in October 2016 - the UK government will re-start the OGC to create the DevOps Infrastructure Library, or DOIL®.

According to the announcement, seen by the IT Skeptic, the UK Cabinet Office is "moving as a matter of national urgency" to create DOIL®. Deep in the announcement it refers to how they are "in discussion with AXELOS", presumably to break it to AXELOS that their contract doesn't preclude the British government getting back into the framework business.

Apparently the OGC's Best Practice (ITIL and PRINCE2) team's facilities have been sitting mothballed, and are being refurbished already. Recruiting for DevOps experts will commence when the announcement is made, and submissions will be called for book authors shortly afterwards. it is not clear whether the OGC's logo will be revived as well, possibly with a new orientation.

Five books are planned:

  1. Continuous Strategy
  2. Continuous Design
  3. Continuous Transition
  4. Continuous Operation
  5. Continuous Improvement

The release says

As part of a new, lean approach to development of bodies of knowledge, we aim to keep the books below a total weight of five kilograms

There will be a related certification programme. There are no details in the announcement but my spies tell me discussions are happening to outsource it to EXIN, which would explain EXIN's recently announced "DevOps Master" certification. I've seen a list of fifteen proposed intermediate courses to get to Master, including Culture Change, Agile, Lean, Python, and Containers. The certification programme will use neither the DevOps Institute's DevOps Foundation [disclosure: I'm a certified instructor] nor the upcoming DASA DevOps Fundamentals, but will instead introduce a third certification: DevOps Foundamental.

Asking around, I've heard whispers that we will also soon see Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer (there's already one from Amazon - really!), and ISACA Certified Rugged Agile Practitioner.

it is a crowded market all of a sudden.

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