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The ITIL Wizard prefers to remain anonymous because, as a recognised industry-leading expert on ITIL, he has more work than he can handle already. This column is just his way of giving back to the industry that rewards him so well.

For pity's sake people, this stuff is SATIRE! Will you quit taking it seriously please. Learn to read critically for your own protection. Sheesh.

I used to make the questions up, but now, sadly, I find plenty of material online for the questions as well as the answers.

What is ITIL?

Dear Wizard,

What is this ITIL thing I hear all about?


Real-world Lean ITIL

Hi Wiz

I hear all about the combination of Lean and ITIL. Every day I read something telling me how essential it is I combine the two. But I don't seem to be able to find a case study of it actually having been tried. Can you point me to any please?

Skinny Evidence

Where can I buy ITIL?

Dear Wizard

Where can I buy ITIL for my company?

Northern CIO

Is ITIL a security standard?

Dear Mr Wizard

Our auditors have expressed concern about the lack of security controls in our computing environment. Is ITIL a security standard we should apply?

Lisa G.

ITIL is just a blend of TQM and PRINCE2 right?

Dear Wiz

I hear ITIL is just a blend of TQM and PRINCE2. Is that right?

I'm sitting the ITIL exams soon and the answer to this might help me.

Bill Denk
Experienced ITIL Consultant

service catalogue template

I need service catalogue by my deadline next Tuesday. Must cover applications, telecoms and specialist radiology equipment in detail. How soon you deliver?