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I hear all about the combination of Lean and ITIL. Every day I read something telling me how essential it is I combine the two. But I don't seem to be able to find a case study of it actually having been tried. Can you point me to any please?

Skinny Evidence

Dear Skinny

Of course there are case studies. Do you think folk would talk about it so much without good solid evidence? You must bear in mind that the synergy of ITIL and Lean is far greater than the sum of the parts. That is, the benefits are far greater when you apply the two together than if applied separately. Hundreds of expert analysts and consultants around the world have shown how Lean can be added to the ITIL framework to help your IT organisation achieve continuous improvement and organisational agility.

The compatability of the two approaches is evident. It is as if ITIL always needed Lean to complete it with a transformation method. This combination is so powerful it is one of the most important developments in ITSM in recent years.

Obviously you will need good data! You can use Lean ITIL to entirely eliminate waste or reduce the Mean Time To Repair almost to zero. I hardly need to point out that Lean can integrate multiple processes when you map the value stream using this structured yet agile engineering approach.

Lean ITIL will remove bottlenecks and constraints. The result is not only significant operational cost savings but also much improved service quality. It will cost you less to deliver even more. I know you may find that hard to believe but it is true! Many experts have attested to it.

The key to success with Lean ITIL is to ensure you engage expert help for design consulting, implementation and training. Someone to Lean on, LOL. Seriously you need someone who is expert in eliminating waste, who expels waste all the time.

I hope this answers your question
Good luck!
The ITIL Wizard


I read some documents about

I read some documents about what is now called "LEAN IT", and I must admit I didn't get it.

After all, aren't we all doing Process Improvement already with our ITIL Projects? I guess one can find all the LEAN IT benefits in the CSI book...

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