Where can I buy ITIL?

Dear Wizard

Where can I buy ITIL for my company?

Northern CIO

Well you can buy the ITIL books from TSO, the ITIL publisher, at www.tsoshop.co.uk. If you are an itSMF member you should buy from your local chapter to get a discount. If your company is one of the lucky few Global itSMF members, you should go back to TSO instead, as last I heard they were beating the itSMF discount for Global members.

But I suspect that is not what you meant. I don't want you to fall into that trap of thinking buying the books buys you ITIL. Not at all.

It is more complex than that. In order to effectively introduce ITIL to your organisation, you need to do much more than just purchasing the ITIL books.

Most of all you will need an ITIL tool. Luckily OGC are now certifying software tools as ITIL compliant which makes that the essential starting point. Start with call tracking, asset discovery and desktop remote control, then add on from there.

Then get a consulting expert to measure your current ITIL maturity and to create process documentation for you based on your choice of tools. Measuring your ITIL maturity is imperative: if you don't measure it now and again after the project, then how will you know that ITIL has been successful? ITIL is the obvious thing to measure the success of ITIL against. Those process documents are just as essential. The product training you get from your vendors isn't going to work if you haven't written down the ITIL processes somewhere too.

Finally, make sure you find a reliable supplier of ITIL Foundation training for your staff. Sending everyone on a Foundation course may seem costly, but it is the best investment you can make in your people and it will bring those process documents to life.

You see, it is a long road to ITIL. It can take months. But if you follow the plan outlined above you'll get more than if you had just bought the books.


I agree


As you might be able to guess... I agree with everything in your note (welll... almost :-)) So which one of us crossed to the dark side? ;-)

The only difference is one of order... I prefer to start with the assessment. We've talked about the OGC software issues -- and we're pretty much in agreement there, too.

Time frame??? Well, I guess it depends on how long a month is... oh wait, that was "what the meaing of is, is" :-)


A month is a month or...is it not

Knowing that on Venus a day is longer than a year and that Venus has (as far as I know) has no natural moon...how long wil a month last on Venus.????

What no training???

Dear Mr CIO

In addition to the wise wizard's comments on books, consultants and software, you need to spend a hefty chunk buying training. Only when all your staff have a certificate that says 'Expert' on it can you truly own ITIL! Start by 'Experting' the Service Desk and work your way up....

Definitely not a trainer...nope...not me.....

From any approved tool supplier

All you need to do is to buy a service management software tool that has been endorsed as being ITIL compliant by a company approved by the OGC.
Then you willl have ITIL.

Unfortunately you will not have improved your bottom line at all, but you will be able to sleep soundly in the knowledge that you have ITIL.

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