What does the term "IT Service Management" mean to you?


ITIL isn't too far off, if you ask me.

I always liked the words 'organizational capabilities' from ITIL in the definition of Service Management.

However, as with IT itself, its meaning changes with context.
- Could be a department (yes!)
- could be 'the service lifecycle'
- could be the organizational capabilities that are required to manage the service lifecycle for all services
- more...


You didn't ask about the qualifier "IT." I think we need clarity there as well. I propose the following:

Principle 1: Information Technology (IT) is about computing practices and assets applied to enterprise needs.
Principle 2: Computing has always been, and will always be, a service.
Principle 3: An IT service is the delivery of computation towards some broader end.

If it does not involve computation, it is not an "IT" service. Axiomatically. It may be part of the broader class of "services" including those offered by lawyers and beauticians.

Charles T. Betz

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