Selling; the little things

IT technical people don't like to be told this, but we all sell. Selling is getting people to accept or adopt something you want them to. Every human sells to their spouse, their kids, their neighbours. Practitioners sell to their boss, their peers, their team, their ITSM "customers". We consultants sell (and better sell hard in the current economy). And of course the vendors sell but you don't need me to tell you that.

An oldie but a goodie: software salesman dies and goes to Heaven...

This software salesman dies and, by some bookkeeping error, goes to Heaven. He gets issued with his halo and harp and assigned a cloud. He sits for a few days strumming the harp, perfect weather every day, constant peace and tranquillity.

After day four, he gets up and walks back to St Peter at the gates. “Hey buddy, does anything ever happen here?”

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