IT professionalism

Worldwide there is an overall IT professional accreditation spreading, in the UK (CITP), Europe, the USA, Australia and other places. Not before time.
For too long IT managers have accepted poor documentation, subverted change control and general ill-discipline from IT technical staff simply because they held the sacred knowledge about the technology under their care.
The understanding is emerging that the long-term health of IT depends more on professional behaviour: good process, good data, good record-keeping… a good culture amongst the staff. There is less patience with the prima-donnas and the cowboys.

Building complex people systems

When we speak of a new profession(alism), could it be that by focusing on IT we are focusing on the wrong thing?

My first ITIL spam. ITSM is going to the dogs.

As one more item in the growing pile of evidence that the ITIL community has become the ITIL industry - that professional decorum is giving way to avarice - I just received my first ITIL spam. Whilst it makes a change from modifying my reproductive capabilities, it is none the less spam, and the fact that it comes from a reputable company is all the more disappointing.

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