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There has been another change to the way this blog works - a tiny change that is bigger than it looks. It shares the linky love. All registered comment contributors especially should read this. [Update: bug fixed, should work for all users. please report to me if not working]

The IT Skeptic's Solid Gold Hits, Volume 1 - selected quotes

Here are some favourite quotes from the IT Skeptic:

Bullshit sounds less like bullshit when it is exact bullshit

If ITIL V2 taught us how to walk, ITIL V3 teaches us how to run. Trouble is so many organisations are still sitting down.

To create solutions, think of people, process and technology in equal parts and in that order.

DNS problem fixed on

I found a DNS error for this site today. So if you have been experiencing problems accessing, I hope they will be a thing of the past.

I'd like to say a special thankyou to Deaf-Llama for reporting the problem with excellent trace information so I could nail it quickly and easily.

I wonder how long it has been that way? Please drop me a note if you had similar DNS problems accessing this site and when.

Change to the way this blog works: BOKKEs displayed

I've modified the website so that I will promote some of the new BOKKEs (Body of Knowledge Known Errors) so they show up on the blog as well as in BOKKED. I won't do this for pedantic stuff but I will do it if they seem worthy of debate, such as the first one so treated: definition of incident. Check it out and have your say.

P.S. I don't know if you will get subscription notification of these, sorry.

The IT Skeptic's ITIL News Feed

Yahoo pipesI'd like to remind folk of The IT Skeptic's ITIL News Feed. This feed is built using Yahoo Pipes. I pick up all sorts of useful items on it (along with some rubbish too, sorry). Try it and let me know how you find it.

Coming up for 2008 on the IT Skeptic website

After the interesting feedback provided to our recent poll, and after due consideration by the IT Skeptic, let us look at what is coming up for 2008 on the IT Skeptic website:

How to use this website

How to get best use and maximum value from this site.

What I did in my summer holidays

Regular readers will be aware that the IT Skeptic takes a break this time of year and goes camping with the son and heir in Kaitoke: a place best known to the world as Rivendell, for you LOTR fans. It is only 40 minutes from here so we do get home for a shower and a quick log in to email and websites - hence the irregular postings.

the IT Skeptic's New Year's Resolutions

In our fast paced and cynical age, I doubt anyone takes New Year's resolutions seriously any more. Or if they do it is only for the duration of the modern attention span - about 30 seconds.

Nevertheless they do provide an opportunity to contemplate what we would like to improve and to prioritise what we are going to do about it. And they provide a source of amusement around this time of year (not to mention the amusement next year when we review how well we did).

So with that in mind, here are the IT Skeptic's New Year's Resolutions. In 2008 I will:

Please identify yourself if commenting about other people

Since I am posting about the candidates for the itSMF International Board right now, it is timely to remind readers of a blog policy: please identify yourself if commenting about other people.

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