The IT Skeptic blog is about debating ideas not personalities

We saw an extraordinary venting of bile on this blog yesterday by an anonymous visitor I label Stone-caster. Normally I would ignore it, but it makes accusations of hypocrisy and dishonesty that I feel should be addressed.

I reproduce it in full:

A special thank-you to all you readers

Today I'd like to say a special thank-you to all you readers who follow this blog, and especially to those who contribute so generously of your knowledge and opinions.

Why the IT Skeptic abandoned blogger anonymity

The IT Skeptic has decided to abandon anonymity on this blog.

Why did the IT Skeptic choose to be anonymous?

1) I can comment without restraints that might be imposed by other roles I perform in my profession

2) I can avoid nasty emails and heated debates at conferences and meetings. I imagine my physical safety could be an issue with a few of the comments I have made

3) it's fun

The IT Skeptic has dropped anonymity: identity revealed

Yup. It is time to drop the veil of anonymity. While it was a good idea at the start of this blog it is becoming a constraint.

The future of the IT Skeptic's blog

Gentle readers, have your say. This blog exists for you (otherwise I would just mutter to myself).

What works on this blog and what doesn't?
What ticks you off?
Where should the blog pay more attention?
What changes would you like to see?
What do you think?

Post a comment or contact me privately

Announcing the IT Skeptic's BOKKED: the Body of Knowledge Known Error Database, for ITIL et al

The IT Skeptic is pleased to announce the launch of BOKKED™: the Body of Knowledge Known Error Database.

With typical megalomania this is designed for any body of knowledge whether it be ITIL or COBIT or whatever, but the intent is obviously to first capture any errors we may find in ITIL Version 3 books. My books arrived this morning so I'm making a start. Please add Known Errors as you find them too.

Personal attacks will be edited.

Allow me to remind readers that this blog exists to debate facts, events and statements, not personalities.
if you are incapable of civilised debate, go somewhere else. The web is full of safe places for people who want to throw insults anonymously - this isn't one of them.

Why the IT Skeptic site exists

Since the IT Skeptic is banging on about transparency, I thought a disclosure of this site's motivations might be in order. There is an agenda here which, whilst not hidden, has not been discussed.

I want to be an internet entrepreneur. In the past 18 months I have been on a tremendous learning curve to acquire all the social, business and technical knowledge and skills required to do this.

IT Skeptic Version 3 Refresh

Yes everything you have heard all over the web these past few months is true! The IT Skeptic is having a Version 3 Refresh today.

Sorry for any inconvenience

My apologies to anyone getting "phantom" email notifications of updates to the site.

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