We don't have Thanksgiving in New Zealand but with a third of this blog's readers kicking back and being grateful tomorrow it seemed like a good time to be grateful too.

A word about photos

As producers of online IP, I think some bloggers could have more respect for the work of others. Today I want to mention photographers. Is blogging a commercial activity? I only make peanuts from this blog, but I'm building a business brand and I'm talking about business topics. You bet I consider this blog a commercial activity. So is any IT-related blog.

The IT Skeptic celebrates five years of blogging

The first post on this blog appeared on 16th May 2006. Five years have flown by. Please allow me the indulgence of reflecting on those five years.

Welcome to the IT Skeptic

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Another IT Skeptic book available in Russian - what can you do with the IT Skeptic's material?

The planet is definitely a different shape than when I was young. It is not that it is small, or flat. It is some weird toroid I think, where faraway places come close. More of my books are now sold in Russian than in English. Owning ITIL® is now available translated into Russian by those clever chaps from Cleverics. They are clever in several ways:

I'll defend ITIL when I need to.

These are strange times. I find myself defending ITIL, and defending myself for doing so.

Buy books this Christmas

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Public service

I can't imagine why this strip made me think of the IT Skeptic:

Pearls Before Swine

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Fourth anniversary of the IT Skeptic

Four years ago this blog started out by saying

In the ITIL world it is still spring or summer. This blog seeks to balance that with an icy blast of winter through the techniques of the skeptic – consider the observable facts and question the underlying assumptions – as well as applying that other great Litmus test: common sense

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