revisiting agile CSI

Lately I'm realising that my Tipu CSI method incorporated a lot of concepts being talked about these days :

Eating the ITIL elephant one leg at a time

It is ridiculously common for advice about ITSM to talk about which ITIL process to do first, or what order to do the processes in. Even the official books Planning to implement Service Management and ITIL Lite are built on the premise that an ITSM initiative is assembled from the ITIL processes. Wrong wrong wrong.

The Tipu Framework

ImageTipu is an approach to planning and executing service improvement. Find out more at http://www.basicsm.com/tipu.

Tipu has its own Framework to allow us to organise our thinking and have something to compare other frameworks to. All the ITSM philosophers who follow this blog will be interested in it: the Framework attempts to be more complete than ITIL or COBIT. It is also intended to be a generalised Service Management framework not an ITSM one. There is no IT-specific content, in line with my new book Basic Service Management. Your feedback is of course welcomed. See what you can do with it - it is Creative Commons licensed.

Using ITIL effectively

[Updated 18/10/2011] Yesterday I blogged about a request from a reader for advice on service catalogue. It must be a week for it because another reader asked about using ITIL (or ITSM in general) effectively.

Tipu: continual service improvement as a real approach to ITSM

At the recent itSMF Australian National Conference (a.k.a. LEADit, a top conference) I delivered a keynote on Tipu, my "agile ITSM" approach to continual service improvement, which garnered some positive feedback. The same day I was interviewed by the itSMF's journalist, and we spoke about CSI as an approach from the start; processes are the wrong granularity; how we must align to the business need; ETF and pragmatism; and most of all the need for change at a human pace. Here is that interview (7 minutes):

Agile ITSM

ImageThe IT Skeptic has a day job, consulting on IT topics including ITSM (not "consulting on ITIL", oooh no, perish the thought! That's not allowed without an official OGC licence and the payment of tithe). In recent times my advice to clients has been to take a more granular - dare I say "agile" - approach to ITSM. I'm rolling this out in a formal methodology called Tipu (which I am presenting for the first time today to the local itSMF chapter).

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