My apologies to Forrester

© Copyright Canstock Photo IncOops, sorry. I accused Forrester of repeatedly doing Chicken ITle articles, when in fact only the latest one was by Forrester and the previous instance - on Service Desk - was Gartner Killing the Help Desk Softly - or Blowing It Up.

news of IT's death is greatly exaggerated

© Can Stock Photo IncI'm not picking on Forrester, really I'm not, but they keep coming out with these Chicken ITle articles declaring the demise of something or other. Last time it was the service desk, [UPDATE: WRONG. Wrong. Wrong. Sorry no it wasn't Forrester last time, it was Gartner announcing the end of service desk. My apologies to Forrester]. now it is the whole danged IT department which apparently will be gone within seven years. Just like the previous article it is bollocks, and for the same reason: the article doesn't actually say what the sensationalist headline does.

Why are the analysts dumping IT Service Desk

I heard it first on @ServiceSphere's tweets. The analysts are losing interest in IT Service Desk tools.

Dev needs to understand what Ops is for

A recent blog post made me angry. This is one cause of the Dev-Ops divide: ignorance of what the other side does. I expect some of that in the trade, down at the coalface amongst Dev and Ops practitioners. I don't expect it from Forrester analysts.

EasyVista HIGH danger Crap Factoid alert

Chokey the Chimp issues a HIGH Crap Factoid danger alert for the EasyVista claim of "a stunning 271 percent ROI over three years with payback within 12 months ". Stunning indeed.

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