Velocity through quality

ImageThe fundamental axiom of New Ways Of Working And Managing (NWOWAM, pronounced "wow, man!")is "Velocity Through Quality".

The applicability of factory-floor techniques to IT

In my review of The Phoenix Project I questioned the applicability of factory-floor techniques to IT. There is potential to be exploited there - hence I recommended everyone read the book - but we can go too far with the application of Lean, TQM, Six Sigma etc to IT. Manufacturing techniques are only partly applicable.

Talkin bout my digital degeneration

The My Generation generation faces the Me Generation: a world populated by Digital Natives, and the prospect of their digital degeneration.

The ITIL syllabus is rubbish because the world doesn't care about quality

The ITIL Version 3 Foundation syllabus is attacked as a joke: far too much content jammed into a timeframe compressed to meet marketing imperatives, jamming up to 25 in a room, covering topics of little relevance to the attendees and too lightly to be of any use anyway. Why? Because the world doesn't give a flying fox about Quality any more.

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