Chaos drives innovation

Chaos drives disruption and disruption triggers innovation.

In general we should capture any failure as an asset full of learning value. Capturing chaos to drive innovation is the same principle writ large. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Be ready, have the experimental results, have the thinking already done.

The cult of innovation

IT is currently gripped by a Cult of Innovation: novelty is king; development/improvement a headlong rush into the future; only the bleeding edge survives. We ought to know better.

Cloud is a distraction to IT's day job

ImageThis started as a comment but I made it a post - it is important. I've talked before about how IT Management is 1% innovation and 99% perspiration. Innovation is not our day job. For the small number of IT people who are in charge of conceptualising new services or setting architectural directions, then Cloud is very exciting.

Talk of IT innovation is the last gasp of the IT cowboys

All this crap about IT being innovators who lead the business is the last gasp resistance of a generation of geeks who can't stand the idea that IT is about as exciting and creative as building roads. A few road builders work in wild canyons building on steep cliffs and across great chasms inventing new solutions as they go, but the bulk of them dump gravel, roll asphalt and pour concrete. Get over it.

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