Managed Objects

There is more to social collaboration than providing the tools

Last post on MyCMDB: I want to share with you the comment I left over on a really great post on CIO Weblog, because it leads in to a couple of posts I will be making about the Folly of the Crowd.

Software vendors and the bait-and-switch trick

Software vendors love the old bait-and-switch. Readers are invited to contribute examples.

Auto-discovery is only a minor consideration for CMDB

The vendors like to tout auto-discovery as a feature that solves the problem of discovery - how to populate a Configuration database and keep it populated. It isn't. [Oh alright, I'll call it a CMDB so long as we all understand I don't mean the ITIL-defined dream model].

MyCMDB? What are they smokin' over at Managed Objects?

[Update 2018: I heaped scorn on MyCMDB, but it was clearly a visionary implementation of ChatOps. Sorry Managed Objects.]
CMDB vendor proponents are often full of wind but this one is blowing a gale. What are they smokin' over at Managed Objects?

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