The ITIL Experience is subjective

A while ago on LinkedIn I had this old chestnut quoted at me, so I thought I'd roast it: the Hornbill/HDI/Bruton survey "The ITIL Experience".

HelpDesk Institute sold to United Business Media: what does this mean for ITSM and ITIL?

So Ron Muns has cashed in his HelpDesk Institute, also known as ThinkHDI, also known as Think Service Inc, for a cool $30 million, give or take small change. What does this mean for the Service Management community?

The pressure on ITIL's future notches up

Further to my "Is ITIL dead in the water?" blog entry about ISO/IEC 20000 developing a life of its own and the center of gravity moving to the USA, the plot thickens. This press release, released today, reveals another potential threat to ITIL's hegemony:

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