APMG got its accreditation back

Talk about timing. The IT Skeptic hears that, within a day or so of this blog, APMG got its accreditation back (look under "t" for "The APM Group"). Congratulations. Even the most strident of APMG critics must be sympathetic about having to wend the byzantine pathways of bureaucracy.


APMG still not ITIL accredited

They might have got the PRINCE2 etc accreditation back but were they ever accredited for ITIL? And if not why not?

Well you may ask why

Good question. No they were never specifically accredited for ITIL. I guess their response might be "...yet", in which case now would seem to be a good time to get on with it.

ITIL too??

Skep - is it just me, or have you jumped to a conclusion here... If you check out the accreditation specs, you won't see ITIL: just PRINCE2, M_o_R, MSP and other stuff.

a reliable source

Sorry I was rushing this morning to get to the itSMF NZ national conference and didn't read the docs in detail. Sorry about that folks.

However the link to the suspension notice returned Not Found, and I have it on good authority from a reliable source that the accreditation has been returned. I'll watch this over coming days to ensure that is correct.

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