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With a degree in biomathematics Jan van Bon worked as an academic researcher for a decade, and then entered the professional field of IT in the late 1980’s. His work in IT was concentrated on managing end-to-end services and processes in large datacenter & network environments. From 1990 onwards, he was constantly involved in the implementation of process-oriented working methods in IT service organizations.
Jan's ITIL Service Manager certificate (1992) was one of the first in the Netherlands and UK, with a two-digit number. In 1994 he was one of the initiators of the Dutch itSMF chapter, secretary of the board for several years, and event manager. In 1994 he also was part of the team that developed the very first ITIL Essentials, now globally known as ITIL Foundation.
Since 1996 he has constantly been working for the itSMF, as a project manager for several of itSMF activities, as program manager of dozens of itSMF events, as the chief editor of itSMF's knowledge portal and as chief editor of the itSMF publications. He is involved in several innovative projects and community development programs, and he held the post of Endorsement Officer in the itSMF International Publication Committee, in which he was a driving force until end of 2007.
Since 1996 he produced 50+ books on IT (Service) Management with many expert authors from all over the world, some of them in up to 15 languages, as well as several websites for the ITSM international community-of-practice. He has a special interest in the SME – the small and medium-sized enterprise, and works in some not-for-profit projects to support the development of that domain. He also has a focus on IT Governance - being the initiator and first program manager of the IT Governance Association (ITGA), an itSMF institute focused on documenting and improving best practices for IT Governance.
Apart from managing large numbers of publications he advizes small and large organizations in quality improvement projects, and is a regular trainer in issues related to IT Service Management and IT Governance, including ITIL and MOF. In 2008 he wrote the “Cross-reference between MOF v4 and ITIL v3”, for Micrososoft and TSO.


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