Large amount of PYIFE book rendered obsolete by AMPG syllabus changes

As you probably know APMG has published an interim ITIL V3 Foundation syllabus. The purpose of the interim version is to reduce the depth of content detail for some of the practice concepts to maintain an 18 hour course regimen.

As a consequence a number of sections in the Study Aid are no longer covered by the syllabus. I have identified the following sections that may be excluded from the reading/training:

2.5.2 Service Level Package
2.6.1 Service Model
4.3.1 Value Creation
4.5.1 Strategy generation Basic concepts (Service Portfolio Management) Roles (Service Portfolio Management) Basic concepts (Demand Management) - the paragraph about differentiated offerings and service levels Roles (Demand Management) Basic concepts (Financial Management) - the paragraphs about Service valuation, Demand modelling, Compliance and Variable cost dynamics ana-lysis Roles (Financial Management) Basic concepts - the paragraphs about Service Provider
8.3 Business Value - all paragraphs except Return on Investment (ROI)
Some of these sections may still be relevant to understand the basic IT Service Management practices but the candidates will no longer be examined in these parts of the book.

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