Merry Christmas

Having recently become an author I am learning just how bloody hard it is. My humble efforts in no way compare to what the ITIL V3 authors produced. Although they had a lot more help than me, their products were much bigger, more complex, more closely scrutinised and of course much more significant.

At this time of year I like to remind readers, especially those on the receiving end of the blog, that it isn't personal. I like and respect just about everyone I have met in the ITSM world. There have to be one or two exceptions, or we wouldn't be human, but equally I hope i can count one or two as friends. And I profoundly respect what the Architect and Authors achieved, and all those who helped to bring ITIL V3 to fruition. I respect it even more so now my own humble effort is out the door.

So to all the authors and vendors and trainers and consultants and analysts, to all at OGC and itSMF and APMG and TSO, and most of all to you my readers I wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a most happy New Year.

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