How is ITIL Live doing?

I wonder how the ITIL Live website is doing. And where they get their customers from.
A search of "ITIL Live" on google yields nothing in the first 100 hits (for me anyway). Nor does "ITIL Live TM TSO" do any better. Seek in vain for a link on APMG's ITIL "official site" or on OGC's ITIL "best practice" site or even on the TSO website. When you finally find it you will see it has no Google page rank (nobody is linking to it) after a month of operation.

And then of course there is the sticker shock: £5,750 for a corporate annual subscription and £2,500.00 for an individual one (PLUS VAT for you Poms).

It is all a bit rich (as it were) for something that was originally going to be "available to the ITSM community at no cost".

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