How does OGCs MoV stack up against ValIT?

[Ooops I used the wrong licensing terms so part of this post has been deleted. Sorry about that, my mistake]

OGC have launched Management of Value™, another framework. It looks from the little information available to be comparable to ISACA's Val IT.

I get Val IT for free with ISACA membership.

ISACA are merging COBIT, Val It and Risk IT into COBIT 5. How do OGC's many frameworks now integrate together?: Prince2, ITIL, MSP, MoR, P3O, MoV...

And how do MoV and Val IT stack up together? Are they comparable? I just forked out sixty quid to make my own comparison but I'm interested in any feedback from readers who have already read both.

I'll try to have an open mind :)


I don't generally watch videos

Yeah I did see that, thanks, but I didn't watch it. I don't generally watch videos or listen to podcasts (except ITSM Weekly and sometimes Coté) nor do I flick through web-powerpoints. Life's too short. if someone has something valuable to say they should write it down in old-fashioned text. I also pick up a lot through that even more obsolete mode: talking to people.

So please save me another half hour of my life: should I watch it? Is there some pearl of useful info in it not available in ASCII text?

Maybe UK taxpayers should be worried.

I went through the presentation deck. Did not see anything interesting other that it was an APMG presentation. It looks like OGC is working for APMG. If this was funded by OGC then OGC creates products for APMG and anyways OGC is marketing APMG product to the UK public sector.

Oh, there is one interesting thing, the slides are UNCLASSIFIED and OFFICIAL. Wau.


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