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Oh great and mighty Wizard (see I try to pay due respect) - I'm seeking clarification on the phases in the Service Transition process to complete a workflow for my employer. In anticipation of being requested to "explain further" - in the official ITIL publication on ST why does "Release and Deployment" appear in the process flow before "Service Validation and Testing"? Does Release and Deployment only relate to developing plans for deployment?

I have read and re-read the processes and it appears to me as if ITIL is telling us to deploy the change before we have tested. If not, then there appears to be a step missing relating to the "actual" deployment (and all the associated steps/considerations involved in that activity) AFTER we have completed developing deployment plans then doing validation and testing....


Dear Mr Ritzley

Your respect is noted.

ITIL is very clear on the process flow, that's why we call them "processes": we input developer stuff and we output a release. See?

Then we input a release to Service Validation and Testing and we output a tested release. Well, no not quite. The input to SVAT process is a service, and a Service Design Package, from Service Design. The output is a tested release. This tested release then passes to ... oh never mind, it is very complicated to explain. You really need to get your ITIL Expert certification to understand it. But "process" is a very good paradigm for modelling what happens in ITSM.

Thanks for the question. Glad to clear that up for you!

The ITIL Wizard

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