My changing mind

It's lucky for me that I don't get the kind of attention which would lead to people comparing my current posts to my old ones. There is nothing worse than having your own words quoted back to you a decade later. And this blog has been going 12 years, so my views have certainly changed over that time - not drifted slightly, but shifted majorly. Here are some examples:

The Change Advisory Board, or CAB

Project Management


    In 2010, I wrote Cloud is a distraction to IT's day job. I stand by that one; it was, then. It was a cloud of hype. I said
      For the small number of IT people who are in charge of conceptualising new services or setting architectural directions, then Cloud is very exciting. In some cases it is even relevant to them. For the rest of you, get back to work and stop looking over on that far horizon just because it looks cool - we have a business to run.

    Much more embarrassing is The Cloud does not mean greater agility - Cloud is NOT a utility, also from 2010.

    By 2015, I was listing Cloud as part of the IT Renaissance

Social media

    Back at the start of 2012, I wrote
      The hype around social media is reaching the usual almost religious fervour typical of our industry when faced with anything novel. We run shrieking into the street like kids chasing a noisy carnival parade. Social media is a distraction to our day job

    but I'm really quite a fan now, inside organisations (but not for people who persist in trying to communicate or coordinate with me via Slack. One channel too many.)

And of course...


    In 2011 I wrote why DevOps won't change the world any time soon (ahem. Yep.)
    In 2013 I wrote:
      brothers and sisters I have seen the light after reading this: On Antifragility in Systems and Organizational Architecture from Jez Humble. I pledge myself to spending 2013 [and 2014 and 2015] uniting the DevOps and ITSM communities.

    I tried.

    By 2017 I was presenting at DevOps Enterprise Summit, and I'm one of the few people in the world to have been to every single one.


So, lucky for me that nobody is looking.

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