Technology changes nothing.

Recently Damon Edwards said

In praise of silence

The modern person is more likely than not to be unable to cope with silence.
There has to be a sound-track to life. Ear buds. Musac. Stereo. TV. Deafening shops. Aircraft.

The workplace is the same.

The tension between velocity and agility

There is a tension between the higher levels of velocity which are achieved by extreme standardization and pursuing the manufacturing perfection; versus the agility and improvement - the ability to learn, experiment, and change - which comes from retaining flexibility and variance.

Don't go DevOps with a big bang

When I see organisations move to agile ways of working using a big bang approach I always wonder to myself just how profound a grasp of Agile they have.

And when I hear analysts recommending such an approach it is hard to understand where they come from.

Project management was the worst thing that ever happened to IT

When we impose fixed time, money, and deliverables, which is the classic project management formula, then the only variable available to a project manager is the quality of the outputs.

DevOps offers hope for the future of IT

I was speaking with one of the leading thinkers in DevOps who had come back from the Gartner conference depressed by the lack of insight exhibited by those there who are supposedly the leaders of our industry, and contrasting it to the innovation and excitement of the DevOps Enterprise Summit.

Devops rediscovering service management

[updated 15th Nov] There was a lot of "Ding!Dong! The wicked ITIL is dead!" in DevOps and Agile, but finally the DevOps world seems to be rediscovering the value of ITSM knowledge, culture, and capabilities (and vice versa: a visible increase in influence of DevOps on ITSM). This will take you a couple of hours to work through if you watch all the videos, but please do.

How do I get speaking gigs.

I was asked how I get so many speaking gigs (actually it doesn't feel like many).
Sometimes I see events are on through socmed, sometimes I'm invited.
Let's break down how both those things happen:

  1. I love speaking: I am passionate about it.

Go tell it at the conference

Recently recovering from his frankly disastrous world tour, Rambling Kid Realism has been returning to his folk music roots. Here are the lyrics to his latest number "ITIL Ain't Dead". He started writing it in February this year, before being thrown in an Estonian jail for non-payment of debts to concert promoters.

Two kanban boards

Here is an idea that makes Kanban boards more satisfying, more flexible, and easier to assign value: Two Kanban boards per team: one for stories and one for tasks.Image

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