How do I get speaking gigs.

I was asked how I get so many speaking gigs (actually it doesn't feel like many).
Sometimes I see events are on through socmed, sometimes I'm invited.
Let's break down how both those things happen:

  1. I love speaking: I am passionate about it.
  2. I practice locally: I speak once or twice a year for ISACA, itSMF, the Computer Society... I am an organiser of the local DevOps meetup
  3. I network online, and at conferences
  4. I'm active daily on social media
  5. I'm a showman. I grew my hair just to be a DevOps consultant.
  6. I'm different. I don't follow the party line.
  7. Hard work. I've been blogging 3 times a week for 12 years (average. I've slowed up), and tweeted every day for years. I wrote 7 books.
  8. I like to think I'm a good communicator, though I regularly get data to undermine that belief.
  9. I'm a pretty good speaker. I've trained and practiced for thirty years.
  10. Good original content. I see stuff others don't, and I have my own good ideas. I'm stuck on a rock at the end of the world. Despite all the networking, I get to think alot outside the hive mind.
  11. Luck. Tons of it. Read The Halo Effect. Doing the right things doesn't predict an outcome. (On the other hand "the harder I work, the luckier I get")
  12. I'm a bit mad. It's inconvenient in daily life but it helps with a public profile
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