Beetil: a new entrant in the ITSM/ITIL SaaS tools market

Here's an interesting new entrant in the SaaS ITSM/ITIL market, Beetil. You can trial it for free.

The IT Skeptic does not endorse products and I'm not endorsing this one. I've not tried it. Regular readers will know after two decades of selling the stuff I'm over tools.

But this one is made by Kiwis so it must be intelligently designed and built. And Dan is a nice guy. So this is a special case OK? All you other tools vendors, please don't pitch me. The answer is no.

I welcome feedback from readers. There are some highly skilled and experienced people read this blog (that's you). Try it out and drop us a comment on what you think of it as an entry-level, easy-start ITIL service support tool.


Thanks Rob!

Thanks for the support Rob. And everyone, please do let us know you think - we want your full, unadulterated feedback!

You should all get a copy of Rob's book too!

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