Who created ITIL?

Dear Wizard

Who created ITIL? I need to know for a web article I'm writing


Well Eric, it is lucky that you web journalists do thorough research and go to authorative sources like myself, otherwise who knows where you might get your information from.

Just recently I saw a Network World article that points us to "ITIL’s British creators, The Stationery Office (TSO)" and also quotes "Janine Eves, OGC (office of government commerce) contact manager and publisher of TSO". So there you have it: Denise Dubie is a real pro journo who can be relied on.

Or maybe the creator is "England's Office of Government Commerce" and the Scots and Welsh and French had nothing to do with it after all and it wasn't TSO. That article was by Denise Dubie too so I'm a bit confused now.

This research stuff is really hard isn't it?

One thing I do know for sure: the actual authors were Malcolm Fry and Alasdair Meldrum and it all came from IBM

Good luck
The ITIL Wizard

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