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I' ve been an IT professional since the early 1980's; the exact date escapes me. I am a writer, researcher, and (gulp) Product Marketing Manager for the ITSM group with HP Software. I am a technical person by trade and preference. I don't really do much "marketing". I got here by way of a circuitous route through product management, practice management, engagement management, consulting, and all the product kool-aid that goes with the products you work with through the years.

I'm currently involved in HP's CMS / ITSM project, and I'm running the CMS Best Practices program at HP. My burning desire is to get IT right. If I can have some intelligent, lively and discerning dialogue with some of the IT Skeptic's readers, I'd be better for the experience. A site like this is thrilling to read; it cuts through the hypey fog and seeks out real answers. Feel free to beat me up - after all, I am a vendor. "The opinions expressed on this blog are strictly my own and I'm not putting any words in HP's mouth." But maybe my foot from time to time. Look forward to talking with you. Thanks!


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