A tragic piece of spam

I got a piece of spam today that staggered me with its stupidity, before it gave me a good chuckle. It's bad enough to share.

Dear ANZ Customer,
We are contacting through email with our very much secure formal website page as they are some trojan spam and viruses that are targeted to some of our customers lately,so we want you to click the link below...

Someone was smart enough to regionally target the spam to Australasian mailboxes but too stupid and/or illiterate to realise the text was rubbish? The only thing that appalls me more is the idea that someone might be even more stupid and click on it...


Personally, I think you

Personally, I think you should have included the link to give people a second chance to click through and demonstrate their CMMI Spam sensitivity level.

What ITIL process spamming belongs to?

I see there is a broken process here. They don't do spamming in a repeatable, high quality way, aligned with (their) business goals.
My question is, what ITIL process(es) should be applied in spamming. I think this is Request Fulfillment, and the spammers clearly lack the detailed fulfillment workflow and business rules. I also have some doubts about their metrics. Are they able to measure their success rate? What about some process performance metrics?
Hey folks, there is a new customer base out there!
We should probably spam them to require our services!

Human Biology

Nice example!
I still don't understand why I get 10 spams a day trying to sell me Viagra. I mean doesn't the female name give them a small clue that I'm not really their target market?

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