The Julie Linden saga draws to a close

According to a recent Computerworld article, the mysterious Julie Linden who stalked the pages of this blog a couple of years ago was none other than the executive director of the itSMFUSA, Jim Prunty. That pisses me off.

itSMFUSA declares who it thinks was Julie Linden

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Computerworld has revealed

The U.S. chapter of the IT Service Management Forum has filed a defamation lawsuit against a former executive director, alleging that he attempted to discredit and damage the organization via comments posted on a blog under a fictitious name

Guess which blog.

itSMF USA board election irregularities: the IT Skeptic unlocks the original posts

Now that itSMF USA has confirmed "clear evidence" of voting irregularities in the last Board elections, I think it is time to reveal the original postings on this blog by Dr Linden, and to make a few observations. Some readers may resent this issue taking blog space, but I feel it links in to two issues that are important to the IT Skeptic: governance of ITIL and hence ITIL's future, and the influence of vendors in an increasingly commercialised movement.

The little spot of bother at the itSMF USA

The little spot of bother at the itSMF USA is in the public domain now. The good news is that the Board acknowledge there might be an issue here and it bears looking into. The bad news is they chose ITIL's big party day to do so.

A hot-potato ITIL Refresh session at upcoming bITa USA conference

Now here is a conference session the IT Skeptic would love to attend: "Can’t Speak Won’t Speak – ITILv3 "!

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