The IT Liberation Movement - an IT Renaissance

[Update: At the DOES15 conference, I think George Spafford finally nailed the name of this for me: an IT Renaissance ]

The real Shadow IT is not about personal computing

There seems to be a wide-spread misapprehension that Shadow IT is exemplified by BYOD, that staff bringing their own personal devices is somehow making a big hole in IT's control of core information processing.

You can't always bring what you want: BYOD

ImageRambling Kid Realitsm has been writing and singing folk songs since the Seventies. As he gets older the realisation is dawning that his own special talent is not one that resonates with the public in such as way as to set him up for his retirement. With the Rolling Stones recently celebrating their 50th anniversary with an appearance at the Glastonbury festival - the one place that Rambling Kid has always craved a centre-stage appearance - Rambling Kid Realitsm has re-branded himself as Kid-R, and is working on his new single You Can't Always Bring What You Want. The IT Skeptic has obtained a leaked release of the early studio tapes, and whilst the soundtrack is not something I'd subject my readers to, the lyrics are interesting:

What will affect the service desk over the next three years

Malcolm Fry asked me this question for his Session 602 The Service Desk: Past, Present & Future at the upcoming HDI conference in the USA. His question reminded me that I have been off in the philosophical never-never for too long. It is high time I got back to the bread-and-butter folks at the pointy front end of IT: the service desk team. So here are my thoughts on Malcolm's excellent question: What will affect the service desk over the next three years? Tweet this.
[Updated 25/2/13: added Bring Your own App and internal social media]

A little chat about BYOD

We need to talk about BYOD. Step into my office please.

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