For those who have NOT yet bought the IT Skeptic's book Introduction to Real ITSM, why not?


What book?

30% of votes for "what book?". You guys are winding me up! I can't run more ads and shameless plugs on this blog and still sleep nights. Just in case you aren't pulling my leg: this book

If you've ever tried buying

If you've ever tried buying it anywhere except for the US/UK you would appreciate the "what book" vote.

regional Amazons are actually competitors of the mothership

Yes I'm aware of the issue and it's driving me nuts. Although you should choose "too expensive" :) You can buy from no problem. Much of the world is in my posiiton of not having any sort of local Amazon, so I buy all my books from the USA. The shipping fee is covered by the reduced price and a "convenience fee" for the time saved.

But I can understand the frustration of those used to a local Amazon that ships for nothing or nearly nothing. Amazon has some serious internal problems that i am struggling with - the reverse of the issues that mean TSO books are often not listed on but show up fine on I'm begininning to suspect that regional Amazons are actually competitors of the mothership.

And I have yet to find the mechanism that allows me to contact or as an author and ask for my book to be listed.

So sorry folks fo rthe inconvenience - hopefully the alternate version of the book from Lulu publishers will get me back on to the European Amazons soon.

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