Rumblings at the BCS. itSMF take note.

Rumblings of discontent rise again at the BCS (the society-formerly-known-as-British). A year ago 50 BCS members were sufficiently pissed off that they signed a statement calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting through lack of support for the trustees or executive. Now a senior member has written a scathing article in ComputerWeekly. I think itSMF should take note.

Comments on the June 2010 itSMFI Board Talk: we need shared services

Having finally had time to read the June itSMF International Board Talk [corrected URL], I must say it is good to see the International Executive Board (IEB) continue to pursue transparency and governance. Perhaps itSMF can climb out of the hole it finds itself in. It remains to be seen whether the results will match the rhetoric, but so far so good. There is one area where I take a differing view: the IEB's attitude to providing services to emerging chapters.

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