Axelos Consulting Partner (ACP) Programme

Axelos recently announced their Axelos Consulting Partner (ACP) Programme to licence ... er I mean "formally recognize [sic]" consulting organisations practicing in all areas of Axelos "global best practice" including ITIL and PRINCE2. They're putting the squeeze on.

The difference between ITIL and COBIT for consultants: four words

As a consultant, COBIT is my first-choice body of knowledge for my engagements. I go to it first* to assess, to frame, to define, to justify, to audit. I turn to ITIL second, when I need more detail, or when I need the authority of the holy of holies to justify what I suggest. There are two reasons for this:

In defense of IT consultants' rates

Consultants shouldn't have to defend our hourly rates but we often do. Usually it is to more junior staff working alongside us, or to not-so-smart managers. Many managers I have worked for made less per hour than me but they understood how the world works. I wish more did - it becomes tiresome. Consulting rates are driven up not only by value delivered, but also by risk absorbed, slack capacity, and scarcity.

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