The design police at Google say they'll push this site down the search rankings

This website has been told if I don't redesign it I will be punished by Google's search engine. #mobilegeddon

What's so creepy

I wish I had a deep psychological understanding of people's fear of internet openness. It is so often seen as creepy and privacy-violating. I see this reaction as paranoia and superstition. I don't get it. We're gonna have to come to terms with it. Normally I'm the Luddite but I'm not part of the openness backlash.

Interesting comparison between Google and Microsoft product launches

We've seen two new-product demoes in the last week or so, one from Microsoft, one from Google. They make an interesting comparison.

I sold my soul to Google

Having always been a bit wary of big corporations in general, and one that starts with “M” in particular, it is an uncomfortable feeling when I realise I’ve sold my soul to Google. Not quite a Faustian bargain perhaps but certainly I’ve committed the execution of my business and private computing to them.
I swore I’d never be beholden to a corporation again, and I’ve devoted some effort to disentangling myself from the Seattle megacorp. I’m not there yet but every year I come a step closer.

FMail vs GMail: a skeptical view of Facebook and Google email

Apparently Facebook are launching an email service. The chattering reached such a pitch even a Luddite like me heard it. So I asked the IT Swami to predict what this will lead to.

Wave goodbye: Google lacks bottle

Are Google turning into another Apple? My local consumer org describes Apple's products as iCandy. Are Google turning into a mega-corporation peddling hype and product hysteria? Is that what Google did with Google Wave? I think it is even more cynical than that.

Microsoft screws me, Google seduces me

Being a bit of a luddite, I'm always a few years behind the game with technology, including developments on the internet. So maybe it will take me a year or two to catch on to Google Wave. But even I can see that Google is transforming the world with their innovations while Microsoft seems capable of nothing but crap software, financial bullying and monopolistic practice.

Advertising to the itSMF keyword

Google AdWords/AdSense is a fascinating thing. Internet advertising may be the most revolutionary thing ever to happen to small business marketing (or big business for that matter). The sensitivity and feedback are extraordinary for testing and refining marketing messages. (So why do vendors still do so badly?).

The point of this ramble is that right now someone is paying over five bucks a click for the "itSMF" keyword.

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