A special case crap factoid: the survey that doesn't exist

ImageChokey the Chimp has challenged two Axios survey "results" in the past as being crap factoids but I think we have a special case here: I don't believe any of the Axios surveys are real. Oh I don't doubt they emailed around a bunch of their mates and tallied the results, but try to find even the most basic description other than a press release or a mention on a powerpoint. There aren't any. I don't believe that anything other than the press releases exist. This is real innovation: science by PR.

There is this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and this one and ...

Has anyone seen actual data and methodology for any of these? Axios talks about being an "accountable entity". Let's have some accountability for these attention-seeking claims.


I am waiting...

for the first survey which proves what amazing ROI companies have received after implementing the ITIL V3 2011 Edition.

Or maybe I should write it using this Rob England -survey method.


press releases as a business

It's not a secret that any company who wants to get good PR should outsource these tasks for some thousand bucks a year to someone focused on strategy consulting, competitive intelligence or something like so called decision support.
You give them a theme, topic or message and they deal with it in a way as a REAL service provider.
So you should always question these kind of results, but you will never get the sources, references..thats their own business model.

Nice watch out, Skep..in the end its always making money, no matter who cares for the results...

Survey and Statistics...

Isn't it time that all the surveys and statistical information (X% believe....) should now have details any decent statistics or survey should have such as population, smaple and significance etc. Folks who study Statistics as a subject for University degree must be laughing at these. It could even be research topic, how many of all IT surverys are true to what they say. Axios is just one example, every day so many "crap factoids" are released, I am sure Chokey the Chimp must be having a busy time.

C'mon people let us not undervalue the science of statistics (or surveys or primary research) so much that it can only be called an art (a.k.a. creativity at its best).


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