Sharon Taylor resigns itSMF International chair

The IT Skeptic notes the resignation of Sharon Taylor as itSMF International chairperson (and a slightly odd announcement of the fact).

Despite the flak that itSMFI has received from this blog, it has never been aimed at Sharon personally and I've always got on well with her.

If I've had an issue with Sharon during her time as chair, it is that she calmed down most of the shennanigans, depriving me of much material for the blog. Whilst still far from perfect, itSMFI has come a long way under Sharon's reign (rein?).

As a downshifter myself I can well understand her desire to have more family time and I wish her well with that.

The peculiar thing about the itSMF annoucement is that it is so utterly itSMF-centric. Sharon has done one or two other things in the last eight years. For the three of you who don't know, she was the Chief Architect of ITIL V3, something I'd have thought was worthy of at least passing mention.


Define "has come a long way"

Skeptic: "itSMFI has come a long way under Sharon's reign (rein?)."

Can you provide some specifics?

No criticism of Ms. Taylor implied.


There's a code of conduct, albeit a secret one
The Chapter services are finally doing something, with the CLC etc
The brand has been pried free of the UK
Board meetings don't seem to be in quite such exotic locales so often, and some meetings are even conducted by videoconf - I don't have specific numbers on any change of travel budget under the new regime but I'd welcome a leak :)

overall I've seen a drop in useful material for this blog

itSMFI move quickly to elect new Board member

itSMFI are moving quickly to fill Sharon Taylor's vacated position: nominations are being called now - talk to your local Chapter (unless of course you work for a Global Member where you can skip that step). They want it all done and dusted for the 20th Jan Board meeting so you have until 20th December to file all the paperwork.

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