the relative cost of itSMF conferences

A reader had a quiet word with us about the relative costs of itSMF conferences, and we discovered on investigation that there is a most extraordinary diversity of cost around the world. Each itSMF chapter is constitutionally obliged to hold a chapter conference, but boy do they have a range of pricing for them. Aussies should have come to our conference in NZ- you'd have got a holiday in lovely Wellington, along with Sharon Taylor, Ivor MacFarlane, Rob Stroud, your prez, and others, and probably still had change left. And how about the Netherlands? Free to members! That's how you drive membership.

This table is probably riddled with errors. i welcome any corrections or additions

Country Date Days O'seas
Australia Aug 2009 3 1 780 504 Trust the Ockers to throw the world's most expensive party
France Oct 2009 1 TBA 516 307 En anglaise? Mais non!
Japan July 2009 2 0? 124 ! ?
Netherlands Oct 2009 2 ? 694 0 FREE to members!! (had to translate this site too)
New Zealand May 2009 2 5 390 294
Seth Effrica Oct 2009 Don't know - the website defeated me
UK Nov 2009 2 TBA TBA 486 The Brits are challenging the Aussies for first place
USA Sept 2009 3 0? 632 365 No overseas speakers? Gosh what a surprise. Some are from outside Texas


  • minimum is for single booking, including member discounts and early-bird specials but excluding group, global, student or sponsor discounts
  • optional workshops or training not included. the number of days is what you pay for on registration, not including optional workshops etc
  • I tried to compare apples with apples.
  • national taxes included (VAT, GST)
  • part days rounded up
  • conversion rates as at 18th June on
  • someone with more time than me may care to use The Economist's EPP figures to further normalise the costs - let me know


OGC London Texas

Now, now, Skeptic, let's be kind to our North American friends South of Canada - speakers from the famous OGC (Ok Guns Collective) in London, Texas will surely know all there is to know about ITIL ('It 'Tit Ifit Lives) best practices.

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