Some things are more important than ITIL

If it seems the IT Skeptic has been a bit quiet in January this is why:

For all you LOTR fans, the small river running across the back (at the edge of the field - it's there, trust me) flows a few hundred metres down to Rivendell. You can see just how overcrowded this campground gets: this is peak summer school holidays.

It is 40 minutes from my house (10 minutes from the nearest city) and so I was able to pop back home regularly and keep the blog going (and have a shower).

I'm back now and ready to bring you some cracking good topics. In the works:
- consultants and the ethics of disclosure around ITIL V 3
- there is nothing competitive about being an ITIL shop
- the ITIL Club
- IT professionalism: maybe one day soon


oh, oh, oh,

Today there is a new meaning for the word *envy*

I amar prestar aen.
Han mathon ne nen.
Han mathon ne chae.
A han noston ned wilith.

Good night, Skeptik!

Pretty good eh?

Antonio, I guess the language of the poem is Middle Earth Elvish?

To rub it in, that was the campground, this is Rivendell

One more Rivendell

This is supposed to be the site of Elrond's house or somesuch.

(No it's not me, it is a visiting professor and friend from down on the bayou)

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